Korea Electronics Show

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South Korea is one of the developed countries which are very famous with their electronic devices. It is one of the countries in Asia which is known around the world for their abilities producing electronic device. There are some big electronic brands that come from Korea such as Samsung, LG and others.

To make people more aware of their electronics products every year South Korea is having Korea Electronics Show which is one of the largest electronic shows in Asia. In this show you will find many latest electronic devices or latest on information technology devices. At KES you will find any latest technology from multimedia device, information and communication technology, Home appliances, digital broadcasting equipment, displays and many more. You can find any electronics device at this place, where it is held in big venue. This Show is held to give advice and also information to costumers on the latest electronic device. This will also allow the electronic companies to attract more buyers to their electronic products. As one of the leading producers on electronic device Korea held this show to attract more buyers from other countries for their electronic products, it is also provide opportunity to other electronics producer meet more costumers in this show. For you who are interested to attend this Korea’s biggest electronic show you can check at their site Kes.org. In this site you will find detailed information about the Korea show on electronics. If you are someone who likes to follow the latest trend on technology you should Visit the Korea Electronics Show 2011 which will be held in KINTEX exhibition center. You will find hundreds of exhibitors on any electronic producers.


Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011


To join this Korea electronics exhibition you can do online registration from their site at http://www.kes.org. One the site you will be provided with information how to register online, the major schedules on the show, Pr Services and you can also search for specific exhibitor and many more. You will be also provided with general information, pre registration and special events that are being held on that show. If you are interested you should do online registration as soon as you can because there are many people who want to attend this show. For electronics lover this is the place where you can find all the latest technologies in electronic products from around the world. Come and visit Korea exhibition on electronic devices 2011.

For more information visit: http://www.kes.org
For pre-registration visit: http://www.kes.org/visit/visitRegist.do
KES Official Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/kes.org
KES Official Twitter : http://twitter.com/kes_info

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